Living The Boxed Life

If you feel stuck in a boxed life and want more from your career, then you must make a dramatic change. If you don’t have the right mentality, no matter how hard you work, try, or dream of success, you won’t achieve it.
At some point in your career, you realized you wanted more out of life. However, you weren’t sure how to get more out of life without making some changes. And no doubt, changes are scary-even if it could result in you achieving your dreams, achieving happiness, fulfillment and being excited about life once again.
Your desire to achieve fulfillment can feel daunting, frightening and frustrating. The danger of living a boxed life is that everything seems nice, giving you a false sense of security distracting you from improving your life. Others admire your boxed world and wish they had your boxed life.
…And let me guess as to how you got in this boxed life …as your story is similar to many others like you.
You graduated from college, you were hired right away with a company that provided you a solid job. Though it wasn’t your dream job, you were drawn to the good pay, excellent benefits and the perceived security you felt. Your friends and family were all so proud of you.
Fast forward a few years, you marry, continue to work at the same company and earn enough money to buy a house, a nice car, cover your bills and support your growing family. Day in day out, you make the one hour commute each way to-and-from work. For 10 years this is your routine. The one hour drive home in rush hour traffic stresses you and makes you angry. You want to take a vacation but you realize you must first get your bosses permission and schedule your vacation convenient for your employer.
Your kids are growing older and you have less and less time with them as traffic gets worse. Your marriage becomes strained because you are mostly irritable, tired and spend little time with them.
Your solid job may be nice but it is keeping you from realizing your dreams.
From time to time you reflect upon the dreams you had back in college, the one of owning your own business, traveling the world on great extended vacations. Having the time to spend with friends and family and living life to its fullest.
With all of your commitments, marriage, kids, and a mortgage; you think to yourself, any change now will be risky and certainly irresponsible. You convince yourself being your own boss is full of dangers. If you fail, you won’t be able to support your family. Further thinking, you begin to question your own abilities and skills to run your own business.
The steady paycheck is an important reason you remain at the current company.
Relying on your employer to provide a consistent source of income provides a false sense of security.
Being comfortable is not the same as being happy or fulfilled and being excited about life. Although you feel comfortable and secure, any day you could receive very bad news. What if the company goes out of business? What if you are laid off due to a bad economy?

After all, in reality, feeling safe and  comfortable in your boxed life is not safe or comfortable at all.

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