When you are new to something, you are bound to make these 10 internet marketing newbie mistakes one way or another. Most entrepreneurs who have made a living out of their success stories learned through their mistakes what not to do again. The following is a list from successful marketers on what NOT to do.

1. Getting caught in the hype

It works but is quite a challenge to know the level of sales talk you have to do when you’re trying to sell something. Over-hyping and under hyping won’t do you any good either. Your best bet is to focus without being too annoying and not doing anything to make it sell.

2. Select a niche that you think other people will be interested in, but they plainly have no interest in it themselves

There is a line between people who do it for the money and people who do it because it’s their passion. Usually, people venture into business without having the passion for what they intend to sell and most of the time, they end up failing because they don’t have the heart to work with it, only have the mindset to do it.

3. Not doing the necessary product research for suppliers, cost and market value

With every product you plan to sell, one must know how to research well when it comes to suppliers, its cost and its market value because you have to know where each dollar goes. If number two states that you should be interested in what you plan to do, number three focuses on making sure you know the core principles of creating a successful business.

4. Focusing on selling products & making money instead of gaining their trust first

One of the main reasons why you did this is because you wanted to sell your product and make money out of it but bear in mind that it won’t always be the case. If I have an online store that sells items at a cheaper price but do not deliver them on time, I get bad rep and it ruins trust between customer and seller.

5. Not providing value in your website, emails and products

The internet is now capable of doing a lot and one of them is providing value. A good website shows a potential customer that you think of your consumers because you took the time to make things easier for them. Sending out emails also does the same especially when you have special offers. Adding value to the products means they’re getting a quality item that is worth buying.

6. Treating this as a hobby and not a real business

This mindset will lead you nowhere and this is one of their biggest mistakes. The recipe for a successful business is always 50% business plus 50% passion. Let the passion fuel it, let the business work for it.

 7. Doing nothing and not promoting your site

Social media is all the rage, so utilize it to promote your existing website. Try setting up a Facebook page for your business so people can be aware of what is in stored for them.

8. Not investing in yourself, in the business and advancing knowledge in both

Knowing both the business and the passion side of your desired business is something one must strongly invest in. Your chances of succeeding are very high if you took the necessary seminars and courses for it.

9. Trying to reinvent the wheel

You simply can’t because it is already done. Instead, focus on what they have done. Think of it as handing a chef a bag of vegetables so he can make a dish out of it and offer the same to those who reinvent and they’ll try to create a new vegetable.

10 . Developing a poor website

Aside from social media, you should also make sure that your site will catch people’s attention in the first 3 seconds. Because that’s how long a visitor will look at it before they bounce. Making a poor website will make no sense to them and they’ll look for something better. Discover how almost effortlessly create the perfect blog post > Here

Now that you are aware, it is my hope that you do not make any of these 10 internet marketing newbie mistakes going forward.