Thank you for your interest in what we do. Simply, we are entreprenuers that use multiple income streams that produce residual income that we can duplicate and teach others to become successful with their online business and get out of the 9 to 5 box.

Our main mission is to teach you how to replace your job so you can have the lifestyle, freedom you deserve. This is something you can do part time or full time. For many they want a way for this to be their primary income, and for others, it’s a 2nd source of income without having a 2nd job!

You have to ask yourself. Am I being paid my worth? Will I ever be as rich as my boss? If you answered no to either, then you need to join the No 9 to 5 Club and stop making someone else rich, make You rich!  

There are many opportunities out there, if you lack the training, determination effort and vision, there is no opportunity that will make you successful. The key is to: Learn, Impliment, Improve and Repeat. Its that simple and you will be successful.


Take full advantage of the training resources we suggest. You will be coached by proven 6 and 7 figure top earners. They started just where you and I started and have made all the same mistakes. Do yourself a favor and short cut your road to success by listening to what we teach and what these high quality coaches teach you. …and if you do, you will reach your goal!



Don Freeman – Trainer

I am passionate about helping you live a life of dreams; a life without depending on a boss to give you a pay check! Having spent my entire life as an entrepreneur, I have made 7 figures and know the freedom that success brings. If you are not where you want to be and need help we are here for you. I have not been on top all my life, infact I have struggled for many years almost giving up. The one thing I can help you with is, knowing how to over-come all doubts and sticking with your dream. If you do not have a dream, you don’t have a chance to make it. I’m sorry, that is the truth. Only those with a dream have a chance to change their lives. So keep your dream close and persistance closer.