At some point you realized you wanted more out of your life, meanwhile, you weren’t sure how to go about making the change.  For many change is scary, uncomfortable, difficult etc etc. Some of us prefer living the boxed life and become complacent to avoid change, why?
Are you complacent?
Because change means work, change may mean starting over. Change may mean retooling our mind, our knowledge, our habits etc etc. After considering what we face, the weak ones of us decide changing my life is not worth changing ones-self.
What is Living in a Box?
Living in a box is when you know whats inside and its protected and will stay put. And when this box is upended, you become angry, frustrated and annoyed or all three.
The dangers of living a boxed life is that it sometimes give a false sense of security keeping you from improving your life.
Can you break out of the boxed life?
Of course you can, but don’t fool yourself, it will require a new sacrafice. Think of it this way, you are already sacrificing a more fulfilling life by living the statuesque.
Know you Why                                                                  
You must have a big WHY you want to change. Maybe to give your children a better shot a life. Maybe to help your family. Maybe to give your spouse a better life. What ever your why is, it should be strong enough to keep you motivated and on course until you achieve your change.
Getting out of the Box life?
The first step to improving your life is to identify the boxed life is holding you back. Once you have admitted this fact, then you can ask yourself, “How do I break free of it?”
Nothing about your life will change unless you change your thinking and change your actions. One without the other will not work. Stop living the boxed life.