Building trust and credibility is the first thing you should consider in your prospecting appointment strategies. Failure to do so will lead to frustration and quiting your business.
When prospecting, you have two groups of prospects:
  • your warm list
  • your cold list
Your warm list consist of those that know you and that are familiar with you. Your cold list are typically people that do not know you who you may meet for the first time. Each connection will be treated different.  There is no fool proof formula to invite a prospect to an appointment.
Invitation Strategies for Warm List
If your prospect is someone you talk to regularly, the invitation may be as easy as sending a text message. However, if your prospect is unfamiliar, you may need to take a more in-depth approach. You will want to make a phone call or invite them in person. In this guide you will learn tips that will help to make your appointments as effective as possible.
Keep It Short
First step is to set up the first appointment. Resist the temptation to use this invitation to determine if the prospect will be a client or team member. This will reveal itself naturally in the following appointment. Remember, keep the conversation short, under 5 minutes is best or you risk saying too much.
Often what happens when a conversation runs long is that you end up sharing everything you know about the opportunity.  This leads to your prospect asking questions pushing you to provide answers, in tern you may share too much or accidentally say something that will turn off your prospect from meeting with you.
Create Curiosity
You may sometimes be uncomfortable contacting your prospects to set appointments, when you do, you want to create curiosity. As you learn how to create curiosity, you will be pleasantly surprised that your prospects want to meet with you. An effective way to do this is to say enough about the opportunity to interest them, but not enough to answer their questions. This is an very delicate balance and why it is important to keep the conversations short.
If you have a mentor, or someone training you, during this brief conversation you want to speak highly of them. Also always speak highly of the opportunity when ever you can. Always be sincere about what makes your mentor or business opportunity great.
Another tactic; when your prospect ask a question, you can respond, “that is a great question. My business mentor can give you a far better answer than I can because he has years if experience dealing with these situations.” Not only are you not having to answer a question, you are also avoiding giving the wrong information as well as building up your mentor or teammates’ credibility.
Invitation Strategies for Cold List
Because this person is cold, you must first create Trust and Credibility with them. They must also get to know you. Attempting to prospect them prior to creating trust, credibilty and bonding will lead to failure.
Your mindset should not be how can I prospect them or get them to purchase from me. You should be planning a long term strategy of getting to know each other. Perhaps the first meeting can be a 15 minute meet over coffee where each of you get to know each other. The conversation should be about them, ask questions and listen to learn about them. You don’t want the first meeting to be all about you and your network or internet business.
Follow up this meeting with several other meeting each being longer and more focused on helping them solve any problems or concerns they may have. This is how you will create trust and credibilty. When they see you are genuine and trustworthy, they will more likely want to do business with you. But it all you want is another recruit or a fast sale, you will find out quickly that strategy will not be your best approach to building a long term business.
Your Responsibilities:
During the appointment your responsibilities are as follows:
  • To inspire the prospect to learn more about your business opportunity
  • Share what it is like to be apart of the business opportunity.
  • (If your mentor is presenting) Watch and learn about the appointment process

If you have a mentor or coach his responsibilities are:

  • To inspire the prospect to learn more about your business opportunity
  • Share what it is like to be apart of the business opportunity.
  • Teach the basic concepts of the business
Client or Member?
Prior to the meeting if you have not figured out if your prospect will be a client or a potential for your business opportunity you can use this meeting to find out. This meeting should be used to asking questions  and getting to know your prospect rather than trying to close the deal.
Appointment Do’s and Don’ts
Working with your mentor or coach is key to you learning how to set appointments on your own. During the appointment, you want to observe how your mentor manages the meeting.
Before the appointment
  • Always let your prospect know your mentor will be present during the meeting
  • Always sincerely speak highly of your mentor builder their credibility.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment, you and your mentor should arrive together so you both appear professional and prepared.
During the appointment
  • Introduce your mentor right away
  • Help your prospect connect with your mentor
  • Let your mentor determine where all the parties will sit
  • Allow your mentor time to get know your prospect.
  • Don’t interrupt during the meeting
  • Don’t run late
  • Don’t dress casual or sloppy. Be sure your clothes are clean and ironed. Profession dress is best.
  • Don’t wear strong perfume or cologne
  • Don’t chew gum
  • Don’t use prospect restroom
  • Don’t record the meeting or take photos
Baby Steps
Think of your appointments as steps along a path that may be long or short. Most importantly listen to your prospects needs throughout the prospecting process. The information you hear may result in adjusting the focus of your appointment or changing the order of steps you may take.
You need to be able to adjust quickly to change. In the beginning of the meeting your goal may be to close the deal, what you may overlook is your client is looking for information before making a decision.
Pushyness to close the deal may push them away. Hopefully your mentor will be there to handle the entire meeting until you are able to handle them on your own.
Use these prospecting appointment strategies to build success in your business.