The secret to success is Trust and Understanding. Trust and understanding are composed of:

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Respect for others
  3. Getting to know clients and team and letting them get to know you
  4. Having a team mentor you can trust and rely on

Self awareness is the ability to see yourself as others may see you. Not let your ego get in the way. Being able to listen and accept criticism even when it comes from people close to you such as your sibling, husband or wife. Being able to improve yourself.

Respect for others: to be humble and have mutual respect. Respect is to listen and try to learn from others no matter their age, race, sex or eperience. Respect means to treat other’s how you want to be treated.

Getting to know others: We must break down the barriers of personal and emotional space so that you can be open with each other.

Getting to know clients and team and letting them get to know you: Let them know your story that provides deep insight into one or more aspects of your personality. This will deepen the trust and understanding between you and them. This will build your self-confidence.                      
Having a Mentor is critical to your success. A mentor can save you time and money to gain success. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel, you will only spin your wills making the same mistakes 100’s before you have already done. Trust me, I have spend thousands of dollars only to make $0 and lost years of my time trying to find success.